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Find a natural product to enlarge the penis. A natural product to quickly enlarge the zizi in a few days. This 100% natural medication is one of the best for having a big and long penis. It is a composition of plants and herbal teas for a safe enlargement of your penis.

Why enlarge or enlarge your penis?

"We need to prove that we are truly men" said a citizen of France during an investigation carried out by a medical team specialized in problems related to sexuality. This is not all, he goes on to say "a man's penis must have at least an average and acceptable form to be able to satisfy a woman." This leads us to conclude that the size of the penis is an important subject in the couple. We need to enlarge or naturally enlarge our penis to fill this void if it really exists. We need to enlarge the penis to meet at least acceptable standards that are 14 to 15 cm. We also need to enlarge the penis, because we find it beautiful or beautiful, when it is big and big.
Men usually complain when they have a small penis. This leads us to believe that these men care about size. When a man realizes that his penis is not in the standards , his confidence is down and think of being far from  the world.
Men are concerned about penis size because they believe it affects their performance to satisfy of their partners during sex. Although some argue that this is a myth most of the gente prefer large size penis in order to have a more enjoyable sexual experience.

How to enlarge penis: The techniques of lengthening the penis.

For a long time the idea of ​​enlargement or enlargement of the penis has constantly preoccupied experts in the matter with a view to finding a satisfactory and lasting solution. Men travel the net along the days to find techniques or products that can allow them to give more to their penis. This is becoming more and more a real concern not only for those in need but also the sex industry which is constantly putting the means into research with a view to a better and more adapted solution. That being said, what are the techniques or products previously proved in penis enlargement?

The technique of massage and stretching of the penis:
This technique is possible insofar as you have a penis of an acceptable size. It does not often work with small penis or micro-penis.

Plastic surgery:
It works, but very expensive. Penis surgery allows you to gain a few centimeters but it is necessary to pay thousands of dollars without forgetting the effects that this could generate to your organism.

Pumps and extensors:
The pumps allow a quick erection. The technique allows to insert the sex in the pump and then to pump for the penis to grow. This technique can lead to complications.

Medicines and products
Many are for sale on the net, but the most important is to make the right choice.
Men do not care only of l impotence and erectile dysfunction but also about the size because they know that a small penis has certain disadvantages and can really have an impact on their performance in bed. For example, according to beliefs, when a penis is thicker, it is capable of hard erection.
If penis size is under normal, it is more likely to suffer or ejaculating too quickly without considering whether our partner reaches orgasm or not.

size of penis

The normal size of penis varies from one man to another. It measures less than 10 centimetres or more than 21 centimeters.
The average size of a man's penis is typically about 14 cm during erection.
A penis at rest whose size is 6 to 14 centimeters is not  the normal penis size.
At birth, the average size of the penis is stretched about 4 cm.
90% of newborns have a penis whose size is between 2.4 and 5.5 centimeters.
The average penis size at the beginning of puberty is 6 cm.
Thus, in adulthood, a penis shorter than 7 inches when erect is called micropenis.


Micropenis  is the penis that the size is less than 7 inches in erection in adulthood. The average penis size at the beginning of puberty is 6 centimeters can be called micropenis.
The causes can be manifold:

. Tissue androgen insensitivity,
. Malformations with or without abnormal chromosomes,
. Inadequate production of androgens.

Penis enlargement.

All these concerns and indignation, lead us to run behind the techniques and methods allowing us to extend our penis.
All techniques and methods are good but it should make a good choice to avoid problems later.
Many sites offer techniques for penis lengthening. If we rely on the  websites devoted to the lengthening of the penis, we realise that the problem is far to be solved.
Creams, gels and lotions are also a significant market share of longer penis. Their composition  contain substances such as aspirin, garlic, which can produce undesirable effects.
With all these problems, we recommend you our herb  VERGEUS® to enlarge your penis in few days without risk of side effects.
vergeus is a root of plant that works effectively on male hormones and which enables the development of sexual characteristics in men.
Why do we need to grow or lengthen the penis?

Several answers were sent to us by experts looking for years on this issue and enlargement of penis enlargement. If some people think that fat or lengthen the penis is not important, other believe that the size, the shape of a penis plays a very important role in a relationship.
However we need to grow and lengthen the penis in the following cases "according to experts in expansion and enlargement of the penis"
  • When our penis is below the standard.
  • When you have a micro-penis.
  • When your partner calls where it finds as a fulfilling sexual relationship is one that both parties are satisfied.
  • When you find that your partner suffers from a large vaginal opening.
  • If you just need to experience.

Are there really products for bigger penis?

To this question we say yes. There are products to grow or lengthen the penis. But the statement that was made, these products do not work on everyone. So it is very important to follow the instructions for use of these products. Also do not forget that today there are enough liars on the net that offer products to grow and lengthen the penis. So do a lot attention to those liars who offer products that can have adverse effects on the body.

Vergeus  does it really work?

Vergeus works flawless. Vergeus made from the best products to grow and lengthen the penis.
Vergeus is an African plant has long been used in some areas to grow and lengthen the penis. In such places when a child comes into the world and if it's a boy, every night the leaves of this plant are soaked in water. The little boy sits 3-5 minutes in water. When it is, the greater problem of micro-penis, impotence, erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction.
Vergeus is designed for years to allow people who are in the need to grow and lengthen their penis.
Vergeus is effective and has no effect on the body.

vertus of vergeus®

vergeus is a root plant that works effectively on the male hormone that allows the development of sexual characteristics in men. It is 100% natural with no risk of side effects. This product allows you to increase your penis size in 1 month. From 2 months, you will see an increase of 3 cm. The product is very cheap by contribution to surgery is very expensive, which can affect your organs and no longer have erections. Vergeus ® sells for 50 Euros only.

How vergeus work?
. It improves the production of androgens (male hormones)

A drug like no other.

Vergeus, is a natural medicine, herbal tea and an ointment made with plants and roots and having as its main constituent, the plant vergeus. This naturally African medication makes it possible to enlarge the zizi. It allows your dick to be bigger and longer. It is a drug that enlarges your penis in just a few days. You can also use it for 2 to see 4 to 6 months to have a large penis.

Why to use vergeus?

To give, a more form to your penis.

To enlarge or lengthen your zizi.

For a dream penis.

For more performance in bed.

To give your partner more joy.

how to use Vergeus?

NB: you will receive herbal tea and ointment at the same time. Both should also be used at the same time.
Pour the product into a bottle.
Add 1.5 liters of water.
Stir for 1 minute to get a good mix
Begin treatment after 24 hours.
A small glass morning and evening for 1 month.
Apply the ointment 2 times a day (morning and evening after the shower) on the penis and massage it by pulling it.
NB: Properly follow the progress of your penis. If after a month you notice the size or standard required, stop the use automatically.

only 40 £ soit 49 $ soit 26200 f cfa




"I would like to know if vergeus still has effect after 1 month of use.I used the product and I gained 1.5 cm and it remains a bit. Well I still have to buy 1 pack.
Thank you "Prakis of Belgium.
"I had doubts about this product, I realize it is effective." Samuel of Turkey.
"Since I bought vergeus, I feel better, with my partner more worries. Germain of France.
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With vergeus is a dream penis. Yes it is possible.
Our products are guaranteed natural without risk of side effects or complications. These are purely natural products without mixing with a chemical.
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